Regular Re-set Sessions

Keeping you in Balance in a stressful world

These regular sessions involve a check in for you how you're feeling and what you are focusing on at this time in your life. They are great to help keep your emotional and energetic batteries charged, clear any unresolved issues from the week or month before, loosen any residual stress, shock or trauma from the past, soothe and calm the nervous system and body. These sessions are great for aligning with your inner clarity, purpose and peace, while strengthening and supercharging your body.

In a healing session we may use a number of holistic healing processes, modalities or remedies, as we tailor these sessions to the individual on the day. We listen to your body and pay attention to what it is communicating.

Stress alters biochemistry, accelerates inflammation, tissue break down, the using up of resources, depleting energy and resources of repair over time. The body's stress response is meant to be switched on and off in a very short period of time, and any residual cortisol shake off with running. Chronic, long term stress is a modern problem that is erosive to health and wellbeing. Humans are not meant to be exposed to physiological stress over long periods of time, let alone weeks, months and years without respite. It can be extremely depleting nd detrimental to health. For this reason stress is often the root cause of most pathological change in the body, and a great deal of this stress occurs as a result of emotional strain, worry, overload and overwhelm.


The way we manage stress, how aware we are of the beliefs and programming that drives the inner dialogue we are consistently responding, determines our experience.  Along with the healing work and emotional support, these sessions offer the space for personal coaching as needed. This kind of self-care helps us to put some energy in, enabling us to stay on top of our obligations and commitments, while maintaining a calm and centered inner space. This gives us more resources from which to interact with others, without feeling depleted.

In these sessions, we tune in to what you most need right now. We may use a range of therapies to soothe and balance you.

  • Bowen to release tight muscles

  • Laser acupuncture to balance organ energy or harmonise your energy

  • Emmotional release process to clear emotions from the body

  • Belief change process to release self-sabotage

  • Energy work to charge you up

  • A remedy scan for a tonic potion

  • Food testing to see what foods are blocking you at the moment

  • A nutritional scan

  • Flower essences or homeopathic potion

  • Allergy desensitisation to clear hayfever

  • Immune tonic treatment to overcome a lurgie

  • Energy boosting treatment

  • Emotional detox


We have many tools in the toolbox to help balance you out cope with the daily stress and life pressures of the now. It's a great energy re-set.

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