Energy is everything

and everything is Energy.


The physical body is made up of energy  - energy that runs inside, outside and through us. It is this intelligent energy that animates us and connects this physical body-suit with our divine aspect.

This work supports the physical experience by enhancing our connection to our core self - the Higher aspect of who and what we are.

Working on this level takes the human experience to a whole new level.

  • Reconnective Healing - high-frequency energy healing.

  • The Personal Reconnection - aligning and activating the Axiatonal Grid and Crystaline structure of the body to hold more light energy (protons).

  • Psych-ecology - consciously connecting your soul aspect with your physical body for greater understanding and alignment through this Earth Experience.

  • Life Coaching - helping you navigate through regular phone or skype counseling sessions.

Helping you navigate your way to a new, integrated Self.

Reconnection Love Heart

Reconnective Healing is a broad spectrum of high frequency energy that is palpable and soothing. It is a field with its own intelligence, working with your body to restore you to balance. With greater availability and flow of energy, it supports what the body needs in an attuned, intelligent manner, and is gentle, coherent and relaxing to receive. It works together with your body's innate wisdom to bring about the healing you most need. 3 sessions are recommended.

When emotions and traumatic events, however mild, get held in the body, it inevitably leads to emotional and physiological disharmony. It also tends to lead to habits and compulsions as you try to feel better. Unless the block or issue is released consciously, with full awareness, nothing will make you feel better for long. Nourishing and healing the body and mind opens you to receive and hold more energy and spirit. It frees you from limitation, releasing the dross so you can move forward unencumbered, clear and free.



Reconnection frequency and vibration


The Personal 


Reconnection love heart


Whole Being







After three Reconnective Healings, a person may be drawn to experience their 'Personal Reconnection'. This is a two session process that attunes you with your master vibration and timeless self.  opening you to your personal evolution process. Many who have experienced their Personal Reconnection say, “Life is… easier”. Activating the energy lines between the body, soul, Earth and Universe, this work energises and restores your natural state, in support of your personal evolution. 

About Me

I have worked as an eclectic Naturopath for 20+ years, although these days my work is about so much more than they physical. My practice has evolved into a supportive, healing place for the body, mind, and spirit, a safe and comfortable place where people come to find clarity, direction, understanding, purpose, resolution and deep, deep healing.


When we align with the expansive love and wisdom within us, the deep inherent truth of who we really are, beneath the pain and trauma, beneath the adverse effects of living in a toxic, dangerous world, beneath the beliefs and programming we laid down between conception and seven years old, beneath all of this is our light. When we connect with this, we have the ability to heal more deeply than ever. This light is capable of miracles. This light can heal the world.

I help people reconnect with the infinite wisdom of who they really are, embodied deep within this physical body, expressed through how we feel in every minute of every day, if we choose to liberate it. The physical body is connected, it is a part of an energy field that carries our history, our memories, our pains and our joys, it is a vessel of profound wisdom that is always communicating and always, always on our side. Along the way we lost the ability to connect with and understand the wisdom of our being expressed through this body. Yet when we tune in, when we listen, we understand more than we could ever expect to know. Making the changes needed and trusting in our innate intuition, we can tune into the magic of life, and live free of the restriction of negativity and pain.


When body, mind, emotions, intention and actions are aligned, miracles just happen. The human body is truly AMAZING, it knows how to heal itself, it knows what the problems are and it knows what the answers are. I can help you tune into your body's wisdom. When we clear the way, resolve the issues, life takes on new meaning. We realise what have taken for granted for so long.


Through my work​ I am committed to the evolution of humanity and this planet. By helping just one person to wake up to who they are and what they are here for, helps us all do the same. When just one person becomes connected with their highest vibration, aligned with their highest evolution, we open the way for others to do also. As each of us heals ourselves, heals the genetically encoded pain and traumas of our ancestors, we help everyone awaken and heal.

There is so much pain in the world, to much. We have forgotten who we are. We don't know that we don't have to suffer, and we don't know what we are capable of. Life can be the most wonderful joy. Healing ourselves raises our vibration, which increases the vibration of the energy we take everywhere we go. This enables others to heal, which raises the collective consciousness, further enabling others to heal. With time this raises the vibration of the planet, helping the Earth to heal, and us further with it. To make it this a reality for everyone, we simply start by focusing our intention for healing on ourselves.