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Sarah Maitrie


California USA

I met Monica at a training in Los Angeles in early 2017. Since our meeting we have been doing long distance healing sessions with each other. During our last session I experienced a profound healing. It felt as though layers were being shed, as the blocks to my intuition as well as other limitations that had been holding me back were cleared layer by layer. Keep in mind Monica is in Australia and I’m in California. It was so amazing, it felt like Monica was in the room with me. After the session, we talked and many of the things I experienced she had as well! Since our session I have noticed I am so much more in tune with my intuition and am experiencing a new sense of  freedom as I step into my authentic self.

Thank you, Monica, I am extremely grateful!!

Jenni Webster

Cooroy Mountain


Immediately after the session I felt very relaxed and grounded. I feel as though I have come back to present time and on all levels I am present here. I also feel a general feeling of love and connection. It has now been a few months since I had The Reconnection with Monica and I still feel so grounded and relaxed. I am much calmer generally (especially with my children) and I find that I am able to let things go, the things that used to bug me truly don't bother me now. I would say that I feel inner peace - not an intellectual thing but something that I feel in my body. Incidents and stresses show up in my life every now and again but I don't dwell on them, I can move on and get back to present time much quicker than I did before having The Reconnection.

Maria Black

Noosa Qld

I have found that since my Reconnection I feel more peaceful, calm and less snagged on the things that would stress me before. I seem to be less snaggable, like my ego has settled right down and is not running the show anymore.  Within a week of my Reconnection even my ex-husband was behaving more respectfully toward me, and it has lasted 8 weeks so far.  Now that was a perk I was not expecting!

Lila Davies

Maroochydore Qld

I have been struggling with health problems for many years.  Since finding Monica with her bag of eclectic tricks, I have let go of my past traumas, resolved a past anxiety-trauma trigger, finally was able to changed my diet and let go of a lifelong sugar addiction, lost 15kg, and have launched myself into a new career that I love. Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection made everything easier. Thanks Monica, your work is so powerful, I am grateful every day.

Pete Smith

Brisbane Qld

I was referred to Monica by a friend because they were sick of hearing me pine over my last relationship.  I was in pain every day. After my session I felt so different. 

I had a lot of realisations and I feel so different now. I am left scratching my head as to what I was troubled by in the first place. 

Brilliant stuff. 

Pam Delany

Melbourne Vic

I saw Monica while we were on holiday in Noosa. I had been feeling lost, existentially and in most areas of my life.  I had my Reconnection over two days & it was remarkable. I saw so much during my session. I was left with a deep, deep sense of peace and connection, I have never felt it before. Now when I feel disconnected I tune in to the energy and the calm returns. Amazing.

Josephine Keizer - Sunshine Beach, Queensland

Since my Reconnection I have found I am more connected to my inner strength. I'd find myself doubting that I could achieve certain things and would distract myself from a course of action. I notice I am just not doing that any more and that's extremely liberating, it was a big problem! The sessions were very relaxing and powerful at the same time. I've noticed I have more mental, emotional and physical energy. I'm more focused now on completing my projects, working toward my goals and heart's desires. Thank you Monica you are a wonderful therapist.

Jane - Brighton, Victoria

A friend referred me to Monica knowing I was suffering from GORD with very painful reflux for eight months that was getting worse. On the day of my session I had been out for lunch and went in with quite a bit of pain. Shortly after the session began, I noticed that the pain reduced and then subsided during the session. I had three sessions and between each I noticed that the intensity of the pain improved. It is now three months since my third session and the pain has completely gone. There are many other improvements I have noticed in different areas of my life, most especially the reflux pain going has been life changing for me. I used to have to take reflux tablets all the time, and now I haven't had one for three months. I will have a 'tune' up every three months I have enjoyed the experience so much. Thank you Monica. This has been an amazing experience for me. 

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