THE RECONNECTION® is a two session activation process designed to attune and reactivate the personal link to the intelligent universal matrix. It is from this energetic grid that we have become disconnected, yet is vital for us to heal, connect with our true selves and others', realign with our innate intuitive abilities, connect with our purpose and feel connected to our home here within the Universe.

Across the course of human history we have steadily lost this connection, with the very energy system that brings us life, which all other creatures are connected into. As we became distracted by the fear based paradigm of ego and logic, the current foundations of our modern society, we lost our link.

Right now many of us are feeling drawn to return to our awakened state of consciousness. The Recconection activates and supports this process. Once reconnected, we are each better able to realign with ourselves, and each other, evolving the consciousness of the whole. It is a wonderful thing to do, not just for your own evolution, but for the benefit all.

A personal Reconnection utilises the frequencies of Reconnective Healing, in a very precise way and differs in its application from Reconnective Healing. It is a focused formation, reconnecting the gridwork of your body to the ley lines of the Earth, and Reconnecting these grids with the universal grid in all dimensions of time and space.

This work continues to work long after your session and is a life process activation. It will continue to unfold as you move forward in life, making choices and decisions that best support your life path, as you move into Life Progress. Many who have experienced their Personal Reconnection simply say, “Life is… easier”.

The Process

The Reconnection is facilitated in two sessions on two separate days. within 4 days of each other.  

The Reconnection tends to come along at the most opportune time for people, when they are most ready to align with themselves and their life path.

In recent years, energy, specifically frequency and vibration, has made a come back. Advances in quantum field theory has demonstrated that matter only accounts for less than one percent of all information in the known universe. Thus the remainder of the information we exchange with each other and the world at large is stored in what we term space. Essentially what we know as our three dimensional material existence is the result of unique energetic frequencies vibrating into being; whether a subatomic particle or spiral galaxy, everything in the universe is made of energy and we need lots of it to function. So it makes sense to treat the human body on an energetic level accessing the same energy that created it.

Enter The Reconnection.



Returning to

Getting deeper into the philosophy of THE RECONNECTION®

Across the course of human history we steadily lost our conscious, innate connection with this grid system as we embraced the fear based paradigm of ego and logic. Now that we are returning to a more awakened state of awareness we able to reconnect and repair the human field to a realigned state.


We once had 12 strands of DNA which wove us into the universal energy system and kept us connected to this vast resource of energy and light. The lost activity of our DNA means that we are functioning on fewer strands, consequently people believe themselves as separate from creation and causing many of the dramas we each experience in our lives; feelings of not fitting in or not being good enough or perceiving life a burden.


The Reconnection regenerates these dormant strands of DNA, and links us once more to the universe and its meridian lines. Connected with the body through the meridian lines (sometimes also called the acupuncture lines) a harmony exists between these, and The Reconnection works to reconnect them.


The grid lines that encircle the planet and cross at acknowledged power places such as Machu Picchu, Stonehenge and Sedona. These grid lines connect to an even larger grid that links into the universal field. Our progressive divergence from the natural flow of life disconnected us from these axiatonal lines.

By reactivating the axiatonal lines with the broad spectrum high frequencies of the Reconnective energies, an exchange of light, energy codes and information takes place.  Once activated, these lines allow one to make use of higher universal frequencies for living to purpose, and activates a greater capacity of the body to hold light  energies in the body's photon field, making for an improved capacity for cellular regeneration, renewal of body and mind and connection with our eternal essence.


​Although not a prerequisite, it is useful to have one or two Reconnective Healing sessions prior to receiving The Reconnection®, to enhance the activation process.  (These sessions may be done at a distance.)​​


It is beneficial to spend some time with yourself prior to your session. Connect in with yourself.  What do you notice?  What are you yearning for? Where do you feel stuck?  What is purpose right now?  What is the reason you are seeking a session? What are you hoping for? Connecting with self and answering these questions can enhance the cognitive aspect of your session, and connect you more clearly with the results that will follow in the days, weeks and months after your session.

Once you lay down on the table, let everything go. Have no expectations, don't direct the energy, don't make requests of yourself within the session.  Open up to the space within the space, and allow the energy to do what it does.  All you have to do is let go.  


An initial session with talking, sometimes for almost half an hour before you lie down on the massage table. Doing your session preparation helps your conscious mind connect with where you are currently.
Once you lay down on the table, let everything go. Have no expectations, no judgement, don't direct the energy, don't make requests of yourself within the session; let the mind go, drop everything. Open up to the space within the space, and allow the energy to do what it does. All you have to do is let go.
During a session, the energy quickly spans across and through the physical body, emanating out to infuse the full depth of your field with the energy frequencies, infusing each level of the photon space around you that makes up your 'aura' .

From scientific studies we know that these energies pass through concrete, steel and copper shielded rooms instantaneously, but will you feel it? ​It is estimated that 70 to 80% of people feel the energy. Typical descriptions include cold, warm, pressure, hot, fuzzy, tingly, prickly, pushing, pulling - like strings being pulled - and more. It can be hard to put the sensation into words because for many it’s a new experience.

Some are quite surprised by what they feel, while others notice a more subtle energy. Some people have a vision or deeply spiritual experience, and then there are the one or two who feel “nothing”, despite their body giving clear indications of the energy exchange during the session; signals called 'registers'.
Once the energy is flowing, we don’t know what the person may experience, for the energy goes to the core of the primary issue/s they may be facing, whether this be on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual plane. This  'core' may or may not be what you are expecting on a cognitive level. This is why it is important to hold no expectations.
Some people notice a change in their physical body, feeling lighter, more energetic, more in-flow.  Their symptoms seem to disappear, systems work better, their body feels less stressed. Others may become aware of a shift emotionally or psychologically, they may have prophetic dreams, visions, or ‘knowings’, where synchronicity or ESP becomes noticeable. Others experience a quickening in their life path, relationships, or career.
The beauty of this work is that once it meets your field, it goes to where it is needed most, and makes the changes that are to take you forward in the most appropriate way for you. The energy does not need to be consciously directed, or felt at all, as it has a universal intelligence about it that allows it go to where it most needs to be. Whatever happens after your Reconnective Healing experience, be sure to have patience and open your perceptions as you allow the healing to unfold in its own way, in its own time. 

We have noticed that some people adapt so quickly to the lightness of the energy that as it integrates quickly, their sense of ‘normal’ absorbs into it. Other people notice changes they weren’t expecting, such as having an irresistible urge to change their diet, move their body more, modify their career path; they may happen to meet new people, be drawn to read new books, or heal damaged relationships and reconnect with family and friends. Overall, most people report feeling more contentment in themselves and their lives. These things are important aspects of the healing journey.

In whatever way it becomes apparent to you, be aware not to limit your experience with expectations. Just see what happens from a state of inquisitive observation over the days, weeks and months following your sessions. Ultimately, we’re learning to heal ourselves and for this we need to learn to connect more deeply with ourselves, to go inside and understand – through feeling – what we need as we move toward self-healing and wholeness. The benefits strengthen through the three sessions, as your system is filled up with the energies in a progressive way. 


Between sessions your body is in a state of flux.  It is a good idea to take it slow, be in nature as much as you can, be alone as much as you can, eat lightly, drink purified water and tune in to your guidance system.  Write down any impressions or dreams you have.  Observe.

Following their second session, people generally feel refreshed, peaceful, calm and clear inside.  The hold of the ego seems to be less  obvious, and isses can sometimes just fall away.


The work will continue to unfold in the weeks and months that follow The Reconnection.  Things in life can shift in unexpected ways as the body adapts to the new energy, detoxifying physical, emotional, circumstantial and metabolic wastes.  It is helpful to hold a reflective, observational state.  Allow emotions and thoughts to pass through and over you - don't over-analyse hang on to anything, just let things go rather than analysing. If things surface, don't attach to it or deny it, just notice it and release it, let it go.


The most important thing to remember is that the experience is unique for each and every person.  Trust that you will receive  exactly what you need at the time that is right for you.